Study Circles

Study Circles

Amongst the various community-building activities that Bahá’ís and their friends in Barnet undertake is study through a sequence of courses. The overall aim is based on a vision for moral and social progress, where it is understood that all human beings are innately noble and have the capacity to contribute to the betterment of society. This process of transformation is illumined by divine teachings.

Commonly known as study circles, the format is shaped by the important principle of participation of a group of individuals in a shared space for learning, taking steps to apply the knowledge gained to improve the conditions of community life.

Also seen as a form of human resource development, study circles seek to help participants develop further the qualities, attitudes, capabilities, and skills of a new type of social actor whose energies are directed towards promoting the well-being of the community, and whose actions are inspired by the vision of a new world and united civilisation.

Not confined to a specific aim of increasing individual knowledge, the content and order are based on a series of each individual’s contribution to acts of service in the community. This must be the fruition of spiritual and intellectual growth that study circles stimulate, where capacity is raised to meet the needs of dynamic and developing communities. Participation in such a process is experienced as “walking a path of service”.

Derived from the training obtained and acts of service rendered is a pattern of action that naturally leads to the other activities described in our website: devotional gatherings, children’s classes, and junior youth groups.

There are a good handful of study circles held in Barnet on a weekly basis. The community is always eager to invite ever larger numbers to participate in such groups. Please contact us if you would like more information.